Prof. Essam Hussein Abdel-Shakour

Assistant (Associate) Professor of Microbiology in Botany and Microbiology Dept., Fac. Of Science, Al-Azhar University , Cairo, Egypt. Ph.D. 2007, Fac. Sci., Al-Azhar Univ. Cairo. Titled; Studies on bioactive substances produced by actinomycetes isolated from different sources. Teaching: academic lecturing for undergraduates and postgraduates along with conferences participation and research supervision. Major research experience: study of the various activities of microorganisms, especially bacteria and actinomycetes, and their relationship with the natural environment in areas such as the production of enzymes, antibiotics, water treatment, pollution of agricultural land and pest control. Characterization and identification of bacterial strains isolated from human or environmental samples. Characterization and identification of actinomycetes produce bioactive compounds. Describe degradative bacterial plasmids and conjugative Streptomyces plasmids. Describe different bacterial enzymes activities.