Prof. Lidija Kozacinski

Lidija Kozacinski is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia. She works at the Dpt. of Hygiene,Technology and Food Safety. She is a lecturer in courses Food hygiene and technology, Food quality control, Veterinary public health and Veterinary legislation in food safety.She is coordinator and associate on the subjects of doctoral study Veterinary Science and specialist postgraduate studies Hygiene and technology of food and Implementation of veterinary food safety procedures in an abattoir. She has published three books, 91 peer-reviewed papers and more than 100 conference papers or abstracts. Under her guidance 34 diploma thesis, three master thesis and nine doctoral thesis were defended. She is/was engaged in several national and international scientific projects in the field of food safety and veterinary public health. Her main activities covers the area of food microbiology, hygiene and technology of foodstuffs of animal origin, meat inspection and animal welfare at slaughter. She is a permanent member of Academy of Medical Sciences of Croatia, member of Croatian Microbiology Society, Croatian Dairy Association and World Poultry Science Association. She is an editor of the national journal “Meat” which covers topics in the field of meat science.